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For us it is important to always keep you up to date. Therefore you can find all important information about MARWIS from different channels, such as the Lufft Blog, here in an overview.

  • Little MARWIS on big tour

    Little MARWIS on big tour

    From Oct. 17th on the 3rd round of the MARWIS Tour starts and we'll visit interested parties in East Germany to see it with their own eyes. In the Lufft blog we share a very special MARWIS experience with you...

  • New MARWIS Firmware V29

    New MARWIS Firmware V29

    The new MARWIS firmware comes with many improvements regarding the pyrometer emissivity, temperature compensation, water film measurement and obstacle detection. In parallel we updated the manual.

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  • MARWIS trial in New Zealand

    MARWIS trial in New Zealand

    In New Zealand, a six month lasting trial of innovative mobile road sensors was started by MetService in cooperation with the NZ Transport Agency. For this, also MARWIS is applied. The aim of the project is to de-ice roads more efficiently in future. More details in the linked online article...

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