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For us it is important to always keep you up to date. Therefore you can find all important information about MARWIS from different channels, such as the Lufft Blog, here in an overview.

  • Firmware Update

    Firmware Update

    A new MARWIS Firmware (V27) is available and comes with many improvements such as for the water film height, the ice percentage, the heating power, the settings and more. The firmware is compatible with both the new and the first MARWIS model and can also be installed via the apps.

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  • Digital Test Field Motorway

    Digital Test Field Motorway

    In September 2015 the „Digital Test Field Motorway" project has been started by the Federal Transport Minister Alexander Dobrinth officially and takes place on the motorway A9 between Munich and Nuremberg. What this is all about and which role MARWIS plays, you can read in the following blog post...

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  • News around MARWIS (2.0)

    News around MARWIS (2.0)

    What's new about MARWIS 2.0? How does the MARWIS friction measurement principle differ from mechanic grip testers? How do MARWIS users mount the sensor on transporters with lorry beds? The linked Lufft Blog post discloses these secrets

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